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About Itnery

Uber of Tour Guide” The name was given to ITNERY in the tourism industry. A platform that simply connects tourists to the tour leaders. A platform that provides the ideal interests of the tour leaders and the tourists,So start simultaneously. Safety, quality, and simplicity are the main motto of ITNERY for travel services.

What is ITNERY and how does it work?

As we have told before ITNERY is a creative platform that has connected local tour leaders to tourists! i.e., you can choose the best service plans between several proposed service plans received from local leaders! After the trip if you are satisfied you can release the plan costs for the chosen leader! (This rule guarantees that the best things will be prepared for you and Tour Leader will provide you with everything he or she has promised). Actually, ITNERY platform is great for both tour leaders and tourists! because they provide everything to have a safe, memorable, and perfect trip to anywhere! Also, anybody can select a serviceable
place and design a plan to make money as a local tour leader (that’s why we say ITNERY is a new and innovative platform!)

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Why could ITNERY be a better choice than competitors?

If we want to be honest, given that Itnery is a newborn platform it is acting even better in some fields, than powerful brands like Airbnb!! Airbnb just connects people to offer the best accommodations but on the Itnery platform you can find more than just an accommodation for travel! We think, experts in Itnery company love simplicity because to reserve a trip on their platform you don’t need to learn something or face unexpected problems!
Now we want to show you the advantages of Itnery rather than its competitors! We discuss more about solo tours, personal tours, local leaders, etc.


1. Saving time and money with Itnery!

Traveling and seeing the world can be amazing and exciting for everybody but there is a problem! Traveling requires a lot of money! and anybody cannot pay huge money for a trip! Itnery is not like a traditional travel agency but this platform has reduced costs! And the services in Itnery are various and you can choose the most suitable service plan that works for you! The reason for affordable Itnery prices is that they are an online business and they do not have to rent expensive offices and luxury staff for office! Also, instead of working with fixed locations (like hotels, zoos, and restaurants and etc.), they work with local tour leaders, those who offer the best features at the lowest prices to attract the tourist! (tourists can choose between proposed plans received from local tour leaders and select the best ones! This strategy helps people find the best services in travel with the best features!). Itnery is a successful brand with creativity and innovation!


2. Security in travels!

In solo tours, personal tours and special tours belong to the Itnery platform they guarantee security, as a tourist you should be worried about safe travel and also you need a reliable adviser that is familiar with the environment! Itnery provides security in travel for you! They have one of the best Tour Quality Monitoring systems that ensures the safety of travel and tour leaders! The travel places offered on Itnery are all valid and safe and you just need to think about having fun and preparing for a pleasant trip. Count on Itnery! Even in solo tours do not worry about anything! (Sometimes in solo tours, tourists have some problems like stealing their wallet or get involved in street fighting, to prevent these problems Google always measures the validity of travel destinations).


3. have a trip with guidance, plan, and more new features!

The people always like new things and startups which can be innovative are win! Maybe Itnery be newborn and it should do so much works to be a big platform but they prove that we can trust them and the one of main principles of their company is creativity!! So, in the travels belong to Itnery we should expect surprises and be happy with! As we told before in
Itnery travels you have a local tour leader to guide you about everything in distention trip, helping you to solving travel problems and challenges, and this person helps you to have the best plan in the trip and have nice memories to record! As Itnery claims local tour leaders are always ready to provide significant services to the tourists


4. make money as a local leader and make profit with ITNERY company shares!

On the Itnery platform you can register as a local leader tour easily and you just need to complete your profile information to be valid as a leader tour! After that, you should select a serviceable place to offer services and design a service plan for tourists! Itnery platform respects its tour leaders and is trying to make a great job position for them (good employees for a business are everything!) Even they claim that if a tour leader is good at his or her job position, they give her or him some of Itnery shares as a reward! And we think it is a great opportunity for anybody that lives in a suitable city for tourists and he or she can be good at designing a service plan and guide the foreign peoples!

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New experiences

The founders of ITERNY, based on several tourist experiences realized all the weak points of this industry in the field of safe and high-quality tourism services, so ITERNY was born to fill this gap.

Whether you choose a solo tour or a group tour, you are going to have new experiences and this is good for your health (your mind needs some rest and being away from old habits) You are going to make foreign friends and learn the rules of another country! Also, you can drink local drinks and find some museums to learn about history (this increases your information and makes you smarter).


As we said, our lives are so crowded and we are living with our mobiles, TV, the internet, and boring jobs! Then sometimes we need some rest and being away from these items! A good trip can be great for having some peace and this causes cleaning your mind from bad thoughts! (if you have a problem with focusing, maybe travel helps you to receive focus powerfully!).

Increase creativity

According to some research, travel can make you more creative! This isn’t strange because on a trip you have to do daily duties in a new way! And this makes you more creative!

Find new situations

Maybe this doesn’t make sense but, on a trip, you can see new business and be more familiar with income ways! Maybe your travel is not associated with the economy but when you are in a foreign country it’s not a bad idea to learn some economic ways from local people and think about exports or situations in every region!
Traveling changes you physically and psychologically, do not make excuses that I don’t have money and time to travel! you can register a travel plan with Itnery with low price and low period times! Everything is ready for you just be prepared to enjoy an exciting trip!
We are living in a crowded world; our brains are always trying to solve problems! And sometimes we all need a great trip with a guide! This trip should not cost as much as all our savings! And you should talk to a trusted travel agency to provide travel facilities! that we think Itnery can be one of the best choices because they are serious in offering the services you need to have a great trip! We all know how a trip without planning can be bad! It is
completely a mess! You have some problems with local language, foods, credit places and safety!! But on the Itnery platform they are always working on solving travel problems!
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Today, ITERNY has provided the opportunity to travel to 180 countries around the world, and the tour leaders of the collection in 180 countries are serious, ready to provide significant services to the tourists. 

Several thousand passengers and their positive comments show the severed trust of the tourists around the world in ITERNY.

ITERNY Tour Quality Monitoring System guarantees a high level of quality of services provided to tourists.