Amazing Cancun Mexico

Cancun Mexico

Cancun Mexico

Amazing Cancun Mexico


The city is an ideal base for excursions. Embark on a boat trip from the Gran Puerto Cancun Mexico to Isla Mujeres. The island contains the Garrafon Natural Reef Park, which has excellent water visibility for snorkeling.

Go with tour operators to the cenote lagoons and underwater caves of Xcaret Park on the mainland.


Amazing Cancún, Mexico
Amazing Cancún, Mexico


Lay down a blanket for a picnic on Playa Delfines, a short taxi ride south from the aquarium. Snap photos of your family in front of the colorful Cancun Mexico sign and swim in the clear water. A little north is Playa Tortugas, which is fairly busy, with restaurants serving seafood and Mexican cuisine.

Cancun Mexico is an intriguing city with three distinct faces. It is at once a world-renowned vacation resort, an adventure base for exploring lagoons and caves and an open-air museum showcasing the ruined temples of the Mayans.

Draw up an action-packed itinerary for your vacation in this dynamic region.


Amazing Cancún, Mexico
Amazing Cancún, Mexico


Find the city on the Yucatán Peninsula in the southeastern part of Mexico. Fly to the Cancun Mexico International Airport and get a taxi or bus northeast for around 30 minutes to reach the heart of the Hotel Zone.

The city is about 1 hour north of Playa del Carmen and about an hour and 45 minutes north of Tulum by car.


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Isla Contoy is a nature reserve and home to many birds, plants, and turtles. Tours are usually led by a biologist and end with snorkelling off its pristine shoreline!


The Yucatan’s vast groundwater sinkholes were considered portals to the underworld by the ancient Maya. Few are as famous as Ik Kil, which is open for public swimming!

Snorkel through this incredible museum at the Aquaworld scuba-diving center – home to hundreds of submerged sculptures and the world’s largest artificial coral reef!

The “Two Eyes” cenote system still hasn’t been completely explored, but the parts that have offer crystal-clear waters and a lot of natural light – perfect for snorkelling!

Climb the 130 steps to the top of the Mayan pyramid, and look out over the ruins of an ancient city that was once the grave enemy of Chichen Itza!


Amazing Cancún, Mexico
Amazing Cancún, Mexico


It’s only a 15-minute boat ride to the “Island of Women,” where visitors can enjoy the uncluttered beaches, tour the lively town on a golf cart, or go swimming with dolphins!

There’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy at this ecotourism hotspot. Swim with dolphins, manatees, and stingrays when you’re not relaxing amid the spectacular scenery!

Stretched over more than a million acres, Sian Ka’an boasts numerous archaeological sites and wildlife habitats, as well as gorgeous beaches that must be accessed via the jungle!

Don’t have time for Chichen Itza or Coba? Then head to Tulum. The ruins aren’t quite as impressive, but it’s closer and there are lots of great open-air restaurants downtown!

Cancun Mexico is the ultimate vacation destination, with a blend of serenity and entertainment.


Cancun Mexico
Cancun Mexico


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  1. This sea reminds me of the cleanest place in the world. The sea we remember with the ship. We can liken the sea to a clear mirror where all its creatures are visible. I play and play with water and I am very satisfied with the guidance of the local tour leader who guided me.

  2. A wooden ship on the water reminds me of different voyages made by different groups, touching the clear and beautiful water and jumping in the water reminds me of the sweet past. Thanks to the tour leader

  3. And this is a symbol that has a beautiful light. And it was interesting for tourists and they take selfies with it and keep it as a souvenir in their album, and the waterfall that enters the pool in a Yahweh-like way from above is a very interesting scene, and I am very grateful to the esteemed tour leader.

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