As a tour guide you have to be organized, the tourist expects order from you!

How can you become a tour guide after COVID 19?

How can you become a tour guide after COVID 19?

A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Tour Guide


A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Tour Guide


become a tour guide. Overall, in this article, we want to talk about how to become a tour guide. If you are interested in tourism articles or you want to become a tour guide, this article is for you!

Any one loves a suitable job and we are always trying to get hired in the best situation, but as you know any job has its own responsibility and duties, and you have to learn a lot and get experienced.

One of the enjoyable, surprising, and great jobs is tour guide, however this job, like any job, has some disadvantages but no worry if you want to apply for this job, we introduce you to a platform in which you can start your career as a tour guide without some of the common disadvantages.


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become a tour guide
Can you explain clearly? If you can, then a tour guide job is perfect for you!

How can I become a tour guide?

Becoming a tour guide isn’t easy you shouldn’t be seduced that you can both travel and make money, there are very tough duties for a tour guide, but I promise you it will be a funny and entertaining job, to become a tour guide you should have some personality features include:

  • Patient
  • Ability to communicate efficient
  • Ability to speak another language (usually English language)
  • Having a feel of empathy and understanding
  • Having energy and be motivated
  • Ability to talking and listening correctly
  • Love traveling, tours and tour guide job
  • Having a good Knowledge especially about history, ancient monuments, and famous places of their tour destination


As a tour guide you have to be organized, the tourist expects order from you!
As a tour guide you have to be organized, the tourist expects order from you!


If you think you have above features, now determine whether you like this career, if you really like this job, then determine what kind of tour guide job is proper for you, where you can work and review the other conditions. In the below you can see different types of tour guide jobs based on their location and tourist attractions.

  • Walking tour guide
  • Motor coach city guide
  • Museum guide
  • Adventure guide
  • Tour director


Let’s take a look at some tourist guide job opportunities!
Take a look at different types of tour guide


The third step to become a tour guide is learning this job and getting some licenses, if necessary. First of all, find an online course or a class to learn guiding skills, second try to learn to communicate with different peoples, also you should study about history and interest points of the where you are going to guide tourists about.


If you ask about what licenses I need!? I should answer: it depends on the city you want to work as a tour guide, many of the cities don’t need any licenses, while a city like New York requires you to pass a knowledge test, and European countries are very serious about regulating tour guides, so you have to take many courses! (in the ITNERY platform you can apply to become a tour guide quickly without worrying about licenses problems, we introduce this platform in the next paragraphs).


Get hired or make your own business

After, above processes, now it’s time to start work as a tour guide, you can find a job in travel agencies which need a tour guide or you are able to be self-employed, in this way all of the responsibilities belong to yourself and you should be able to make great trip services plans for tourists.


The other choices are making your own business which provides tourism services (this way is so profitable but it needs patience, a big investment and ability to do tough work!) or cooperate with online travel agencies such as ITNERY or Expedia. With the help of these platforms, becoming a tour guide is easier and quickly.


Today, online travel agencies play an important role!
Today, online travel agencies play an important role!


Where can I become a tour guide quickly?

If you are living in a serviceable location or you know a serviceable location well then, maybe ITNERY is the best choice to become a tour guide, Itnery is a creative and easy-to-use platform to make travels simple and more exciting, which is also considered as an online travel agency.


To become a tour guide, all you have to do is register on this platform as a local tour leader and get authenticated, after that you can offer different plan services as a tour guide or local tour leader.


what dose a tour guide do? (open in new Tab)


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    Tour guides show groups round attractions such as historic monuments, cultural centres and beauty spots, and provide them with background information to help them make the most of their visit. They may work with day-trippers or on walking tours, or support tourists on longer visits that involve overnight stays, perhaps to rural or remote locations. Tour guide jobs sometimes also call for chauffeuring and language skills.

  2. A person who guides a person is like a person who teaches him and is like a compassionate teacher and a devoted guide can save a person from all problems and he becomes a perfect human being. Thank you for the dear leader tour.

  3. The one who guides man deserves praise, and the one who guides man, as well as the one who is in the difficulties of traveling with man, who should be thanked. Thank you, dear tour leader.

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