A personal tour guide with a family

Personal Tour Guide Meaning

Personal Tour Guide Meaning




We all know how an unknown place could be complicated and sometimes we even may be lost! That’s why we pay tour guides and that’s why we need them! Our article is about personal tour guide meaning. Personal tour guides are the guides who offer services for a special person or a family, not for a group of people on a tour.

Personal tour guides should assist the passengers during all parts of the trip and accompany the tourists till the end of trip. If you are interested in this job, in the next paragraphs we introduce a business that trusts passionate personal tour guides and cooperates with. But if you want to hire a personal tour guide and you wish to get more information about what they do for you, this article is completely for you.


A personal tour guide with a family
A personal tour guide with a family


Why should you hire a personal tour guide?

Because they guide you about the tour destination well and give you interesting information about local people, art, history, climate and so on that aren’t available on the internet.

You think of an amazing trip in which you can feel the calmness of nature, try an adventure, be free of routine problems and you can hear the sound of local people while shopping that are happy and many other wonderful moments.

But if you don’t know the travel destination well enough, instead of enjoying travel and doing the above work, your time is spent on solving strange problems that you have not been ready for.

Personal tour leader isn’t like ordinary tour guides on a tour! A personal tour guide is completely at your service and he or she is always ready to help you to have a better trip.

Personal tour leader could be your driver too and you can ask them to design your itinerary or follow their predefined itinerary which works for you!


A predefined itinerary
A predefined itinerary


Personal tour guide is really helpful because they usually know the destination well enough, have various experiences, and provide the most suitable facilities quickly.

If you have experience of being on a tour, you know well that a tour guide should answer the questions belonging to all members of the tour and her or his time is always taken.

But unlike tour guides in the tours, personal tour leaders just handle your requests and always have free time for you and your requirements. Naturally, you should pay more for a personal tour guide rather than ordinary tour guides! Because on the tour you don’t pay costs alone but in personal travels you have to pay for everything alone.

Generally, the meaning of a personal tour guide is having a trip with calmness and safety in which your concern is just making the most of the trip, not dealing with problems.


Being calmness is a must in travels
Being calmness is a must in travels


I want to be a personal tour guide, what should I do?

Firstly, find out are you good at guiding, or not? Secondly, check out Can you lead a tour alone!? If you think being a personal tour guide is an easy job, you are completely wrong!! Personal tour leader should have a good knowledge of tour destinations and also, they need to learn communicating, art, history and ability to understand the language of local people is a must!

(of course, apart from the region personal tour guides are going to provide guiding services, a responsible personal tour leaders knows English language as the official international language).

If you are sure this job is suitable for you, now try to get experience, you can get started as an intern and accompany experienced tour guides and help them for free. But if you are in a rush, you can start your career with the help of online travel agencies which trust armatures (one of them is ITNERY startup). They pay you per travels and you should guarantee your services to be verified on these platforms.

Note: having a driver’s license is an advantage for a personal tour guide.


Ability to drive is a preponderance
Ability to drive is a preponderance


What’s Itnery and how it can help me to work as a personal tour guide?

If you love personal tour guide, you cannot find better platform than ITNERY, as we told, this platform even trusts amateur personal tour guides, and to get started cooperation with ITNERY make sure you are living in a serviceable place and you can provide proper services for the tourists.


4 differences between personal and group tours

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  1. But if you want to hire a personal tour guide and you wish to get more information about what they do for you, this article is completely for you.

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