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Travel problems can be worse for independent traveler rather than tour groups, you can see the feeling of missing the flight in the figure

What is an independent Traveler?

What is an independent Traveler? Independent travelers are the people who want to be completely Independent in a trip, they may face some problems during the trip but in their opinion, these challenges are okay, and they can take on them. These types of travelers usually are confident and familiar w...
A FIT (Free independent traveler)

Free Independent Traveler Example

  Free independent traveler example Now in this article we are going to talk about a type of tourist where most of our travels belong to them and could be your choice too! These types of tourists are free independent travelers, those who love to travel alone and be free during the trip! Maybe ...
Tourism industry needs new ideas and young people to make it more shiny

tour guide’s welcome speech

What do you know about a good’s welcome speech?! We want to talk about “tour guide’s welcome speech“. A welcome speech is always significant, whether you work in the tourism industry or the Automotive industry! If you cannot impact the audience at the first speech, maybe you ...