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Writing about amazing tour destination in your free time could be enjoyable

Tour guide job opportunities

Tour guide job opportunities Now let’s go to the tourism world and talk about an important thing about a tour guide job! Do you like this job?! I love it! If you agree with me that a tourist guide improves our mode and gives us a gift (adventure), well read on to get more information […...
Building rapport is vital in any career especially in terms of tour guide skills

Tour Guide Skills

  Are tour guide skills important?!   Tour guide or chaperon is a great job for anyone who loves travelling and this job has many fans because of flexibility, seeing the city and landscapes and making new friends day by day. Maybe you are one of the tour guides fans that need some informat...

What does fit travel stand for?

What does fit travel stand for?   Free Independent Traveler (FIT) and the fit travel includes trips of your choice. In all of these trips, such as fit travel of Europe, you will have the choice of choosing a vehicle and type of trip (air, land, rail, or road) and what accommodations you want. G...