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tourism planning

What Is Tourism Planning?

  What is tourism planning? Today, the purpose of tourism planning is the need to create a plan (creating maps of mind actions to achieve a predictable future and to achieve these mind actions) and sustainable planning to prevent the destructive effects of tourism activities on the environment ...
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How To Profit From Tourism?

  How to profit from tourism? Tourism has a wide field of activity in which any person can succeed according to his/her talent and knowledge. This means that by working in our field of interest, we can both enjoy our work and earn money. Personal Tour Guide Meaning How Do You Talk Like A Touris...
The interest determines your tourist destination

The Three Types Of Tourists

  What are the three types of tourists? Absolutely our purpose of traveling is different. And this is where the types of tourists are created with different goals. The tourism industry is not limited to visiting attractions, but it has many different types that are developing around the world. ...