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Street Food Festival, Food tourist

Types Of Food Tourism

  Types of food tourism If you sometimes leave your place of residence and travel to places far and near to try its food, then you can also be considered a food tourist. In this type of tourism, like any other type, you must leave your place of residence to be considered a food tourist. [&helli...
Tourism security

What Is Tourism Security?

  What is tourism security? One of the things that should be strongly emphasized in tourism is security, comfort, convenience and security are very important issues that attract tourists to different parts of the world. One of the most important factors in the development and prosperity of the ...
Means of travel

How Can We Reduce Travel Costs?

  How can we reduce traveling costs? traveling and tourism requires a lot of money and we cannot afford the travel costs. But there are definitely ways to reduce travel costs and this will no longer be a deterrent. Here are some effective ways to reduce your travel expenses that will enable you...
Tourism attraction

What Is Local Tourism?

  What is local tourism? Local tourism is actually a trip to the sights and attractions of the area where the tourist lives. According to the concept of domestic tourism, there is another concept called local tourism, which has a similar meaning to domestic tourism but on a smaller scale. Due t...