Vaadhoo sea of stars

Imagine spending a day relaxing on the Maldives’s pristine beaches and watching the sunset over some of the world’s best landscapes.

Then, after a nice meal, return to the soft sands and stroll hand-in-hand along the beach. Gaze into the sky and see countless stars and the faint outline of the Milky Way. Look over at the inky black Indian Ocean in the mid-distance.

Then stare at the bluish glow and sparkling of the water lapping against the shore. This natural phenomenon in the Maldives is known as the Sea of Stars.

And to take this romantic experience to the next level, it’s possible to dine al fresco next to it.

Vaadhoo sea of stars
Vaadhoo sea of stars


The beauty of this archipelago and its 1,190 islands — located 600km (373 miles) southwest of Sri Lanka — guarantees a very romantic ambiance.

Lovebirds looking for an extra touch of magic should check out Vaadhoo Island.

Vaadhoo Island, at the heart of the archipelago, is a paradise island with translucent waters. But visitors above all wait for nightfall to catch sight of an incredible phenomenon.

As the sun goes down, the waves lapping the island’s shoreline take on a twinkling phosphorescent glow. In fact, tiny little creatures called phytoplankton living in the water create bioluminescence, seen as a blue glow best observed in the dark.

Vaadhoo sea of stars
Vaadhoo sea of stars

These micro-organisms float in the water charging up with electrical impulses all day long. They create a fantastical sea of glowing blue stars, like the night sky reflected in the ocean waves.

For this effect to become visible it is necessary that it exists at a constant temperature throughout the day and especially at night.

Therefore, the new moon nights are more ideal to enjoy from this performance in their largest splendour.

Plankton is a microscopic free-floating organism, and many fish prey upon them. As a defense mechanism, these plankton emit bioluminescence to baffle predators and scare them away. Nature’s most fascinating phenomenon is bioluminescence.

Vaadhoo sea of stars
Vaadhoo sea of stars

Other than this natural phenomenon, the resorts at the island offer villas and luxury facilities.

Here, you will get an opportunity to assimilate and learn about the Maldivians and their culture on this rarely populated island.

The spa offers treatment, select services, activities, and gastronomic treats bring happiness and soothe the soul. Here, wellbeing is the way of life.

You will get a perfect experience with treatment pedicure. A comfortable chair and Edsel will help you relax. Deep tissue massage with a body scrub is a fantastic experience.

At Maldives Atolls, scuba diving is a breathtaking and expensive activity. Underwater some larger fish and colorful reef fish venture, and people can see them closely.

Vaadhoo sea of stars
Vaadhoo sea of stars

Kayaking is another draw for the visitors in Vaadhoo Island. It is fascinating after the sunset because you can witness the beautiful hues atop the waves.

It also enables us to enjoy the sea of stars phenomenon after it turns dark. Kayak is a canoe-like boat or watercraft, and people propel it with a double-bladed paddle.

June and October are the months to watch bioluminescence live. No heat generates, so the blue light is cold and safe to play and fee.

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