The largest shopping center in the world

Which is the largest mall in Asia? update 2021

Which is the largest mall in Asia? update 2021

The largest mall in Asia


Which is the largest mall in Asia? Iran Mall, which is one of the largest commercial, cultural and social projects in Iran and the world, is located between Tehran and Karaj, in the neighborhood of the beautiful Chitgar Park and the Persian Gulf Lake. Exactly this complex has been built in northwest Tehran, District 22.


Iran Mall (or Iran’s Grand Bazaar) is not just a very large business complex, but the intersection of the driving forces of society ahead: trade, culture, religion, welfare, entertainment, and the interaction between these five! Iran Mall is one of the places of interest and tourism in Tehran and Iran. In 2021, Iran Mall was introduced as the largest shopping center in the world.


The largest shopping center in the world
The largest shopping center in the world

You need to know about the largest mall in Asia a collection as great as Iran Mall cannot be the product of a particular person or collection. Mr. Ali Ansari (Founder of Carpet Bazaar and Mobile Bazaar) is the main employer of the Iran Mall Tehran project, Ayandeh Bank (managed by Jalal Rasoolov) is also the main investor and Mr. Alaeddin Mir Mohammad Sadeghi is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Iran Mall.


You need to know about the largest mall in Asia Iran Mall complex is divided into two main phases, the first phase area is 1 million and 400 thousand square meters and the second phase area is 550 thousand square meters. Also, the first phase is currently open (on April 13, 1398) and the second phase, according to officials, is scheduled to open by the end of 1399.


The summary of Iran’s address in Tehran, Shahid Kharazi Highway from west to east, not reaching the exit of Chitgar Lake (Persian Gulf Martyrs).


What are the largest malls in the world?


Parts of Iran Mall Shopping Center at a glance

  • Ground Floor (G0): Recreation Center, Fountain, Mosque, Mall Office, Parking, Taxi Station
  • First floor (G1): Hyperstar, recreation center, car show, sports club, food court, ice rink, or skating
  • Second floor (G2): Book Garden (famous library), Traditional Bazaar (Timcheh Haj Ali Akbar), Meeting Garden, Cinema Cafe, Mahan Garden, Emergency Department
  • Third Floor (G3): Food Court, Family Recreation Center (Amusement Park), Cinema, Gallery
  • Roof (RG): Squash court, sports complex, health road, exhibition, Parking.


The largest mall in Asia
The largest mall in Asia

You need to know about the largest mall in Asia 25% of Iran Mall is allocated to its commercial sector. There are hundreds of stores in this commercial area, and if you want to spend 5 minutes on each of them, it takes about 72 hours to visit them all.


What is a foreign independent tourist?


Iran Mall Library: The most famous part of Iran Mall

You need to know about the largest mall in Asia one of the most famous parts of the collection is the Iran Mall Library (or Jundishapur Library). You may have seen photos of it on social media. The library is inspired by the Library of the University of Oxford, UK.


You need to know about the largest mall in Asia Iran Mall Library currently has about 50,000 books and is set to increase to 70,000 volumes. The use of this library is currently open to the public, and you can easily pick up and read any book you want, but you do not have the right to take the book out of the library.


In the future, a Gate will be installed at the entrance to the library, in which case you will need a membership to use the library. Some books are on the top floors of closets and out of reach. But you can ask the librarians in the library to bring them down for you.


The books in the Iran Book Garden cover the fields of history, literature, religion, art, psychology, etc., and in some sections, there are also children’s books. Of course, since the library has just opened, it has not yet been fully cataloged and more than half of the books are scattered on the shelves.


Iran Mall Library
Iran Mall Library

There are also antique books printed in Moscow written in Latin in the Iran Mall Library and you can ask the librarians to show them to you.


You need to know about the largest mall in Asia the library has three floors in total, the first floor being the public library, the second floor the magazine archive, and the third floor the public section, but of these three floors, only the first floor is open and open to the public.


To date, several cultural programs (such as instrumentalization) have been held in this library, and in the coming days, with the opening of other sections of the library, the quantity and quality of these cultural events will increase.


There are long, beautiful wooden shelves throughout the library, and tables and chairs for reading books. On the floor of the library, a beautiful 350-meter carpet is spread, which is handmade and brought from Kashan.


New South China Mall
New South China Mall

New South China Mall

You need to know about the largest mall in Asia luxury goods and expensive brands usually make up a small part of stores and shopping malls, and buyers must go to a special store to access the goods.


The new south china mall in Dongguan Province is not only one of the largest shopping malls but also one of the most expensive shopping malls in the world. “China Mall” is built in an area of ​​6,000 square meters and has 1,500 shops, and its goods include jewelry, clothes, toys, etc., all famous and luxury brands.


Each store is only allowed to sell luxury, expensive and, branded goods, which are usually the main branches of prominent brands from France, the Netherlands, and Italy. Some sources put the value of the items in the store at billions of dollars.


You need to know about the largest mall in Asia the New South China Mall is one of the largest malls in the world. This shopping center is located in Dongguan, China, and has enough space to accommodate 2350 shops.


The mall is divided into 7 different sections, each of which is designed and modeled in specific areas, including Amsterdam, California, the Caribbean, Egypt, Paris, Rome, and Venice. Even in each section, there is a replica of their famous tourist places, among which we can mention the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and the Bell Tower of St. Mark in Venice. Despite the interesting design of this collection, there are significant weaknesses in terms of economic planning.


The mall is almost inaccessible to the public, so except for a few fast-food chains next to the entrance, the rest of the mall is empty.


Cevahir shopping center in Istanbul
Cevahir shopping center in Istanbul

The last word

These two shopping malls, which we talked about above, are the largest shopping malls in Asia, which are visited by millions of tourists every year. Of course, the Cevahir shopping center in Istanbul and Dubai Mall in Dubai are the other largest malls in Asia.


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